Business failure to claim all of its capital allowances means it is loosing hundreds of millions of pounds in tax relief
— The Financial Times

What are the tax benefits for you ...

They arise from the fact that you can claim tax relief against trading profits for investment on fixtures and fittings, plant and machinery. This includes not just the cost of equipment but a substantial part of the cost of the whole property - often considerably greater amounts than most people think and the great news is that there is no time bar on this exercise. 

In other words if you own any commercial property even if you sublet to a third party then HMRC allows you to offset a great deal of your expenditure for tax purposes.  This has no time limit on it so you can now do a claim on properties you have owned for years. Your accountants or advisor may have already done a good job claiming on some the more obvious features but it takes a capital allowance specialist to have the experience to really dig deep enough to find significant and substantial additional claims on your behalf.  

It's a fact that the specialist skills of a property valuer / surveyor and taxation accountant are required in order to enable claims with a much more substantial expenditure to be identified and the maximum of your income tax relief obtained.  In most cases we come across commercial property owners whose claims have not fully been made in the past but with our help very substantial claims can still be made by you.

 At Capital Allowance Company (UK) Ltd we work hard to be the countries leading expert in Capital Allowance Claims and have gained the reputation over many years of having the skill set and experience of helping to win claims for our clients that are often worth up to 40% of the whole properties original purchased price with a fee only charged by us on any successful claim . 



Hotels, guest houses and Care Homes 

Since 2012 hotel building allowances have be fazed out by the government which means more and more hotels and guest houses are relying on their capital allowance / integral features claims as another source of claiming tax back and saving tax in future years. Just as an example you can claim on fire equipment, fire doors, fire escapes, on suite bathrooms, hotel ambiance, lighting, sewage systems, kitchen equipment, radiators, water heating systems, central heating, air conditioning units, stairs, hand rails , lifts, lifts shafts, stair lifts, disabled access, CCTV and many many other things ... Click here to enquire on how we can help you


factories, warehouses, garages and offices

Just as an example  you can claim on all plant machinery, hoists, cranes, pits, gantry's, ramps, fire escapes, fire doors, fire equipment, lifts, rail shutter doors, air conditioning units, flooring, radiators, carpeting, toilets, lifts, lift shafts, generators and many many more things.. Click here to enquire on how we can help you       


RESTAURANTS, pubs, bars and supermarkets

Just as an example you can claim on your bar and equipment, flooring , kitchen equipment and other less obvious things like heating and air conditioning units, items in your cellar, shelving , escalators,storage and refrigeration rooms. toilets, sinks, boilers, CCTV, disabled access and rails and many many more things .. Click here to enquire on how we can help you

Any other type of commercial property

There are so many different types of  commercial property's that we can do substantial claims for and we have the experience to find things to claim for off HMRC  that many others aren't able to. Speak to us now and we can tell you what we can do for you .. Click here to enquire on how we can help you